Website Ranking

Honestly, what good is your website if it can’t be found for what your business does or sells? We work with your existing website to SEO optimize it “behind the scenes”. Then we do the things needed out side your website to make it much more relevant in the eyes of Google.
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Website Design

What separates our website design services is our approach. We design and build based on search engine optimization. Seriously, what good is a website if it can’t be found for what you do or sell? Our designs not only look great but also can be found.
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is more than just posting promotional or “salesy” stuff on social media. It is about growing your audience and then engaging them. Posting curated information, “personality” posts & some “salesy” posts in the proper mix can be very effective in growing and engaging your audience.
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Content Marketing

Google loves original content that educates or entertains the reader. What separates our content marketing services? We write the content with SEO as the foundation. We also don’t use article sites to distribute the content. We strategically post the content to give you the best exposure and SEO power. Contact us today to learn more.

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Reputation Building/Marketing

92% of people read 1 to 6 reviews before calling or visiting a business. Did you know there are over 20 websites that someone can leave a review? Our program effectively builds your online reputation and then markets it.
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Facebook Advertising

That we are aware of Facebook has the most specific targeting criteria for it’s ad platform of any ad platform on the internet. And the cost is extremely reasonable for the results. Target your ad exposure down to a zip code, income range, specific interest(s), etc. Contact us today to learn more.
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Adwords Advertising

With our team of highly experienced and trained Google adwords experts we develop PPC campaigns that result in a great ROI for our customers.. Learn more about our Pay-per-Click experience and approach.
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Awesome Website, Stellar Rankings, Good Support

Having been in business for decades, we never had a website or any internet presence. After seeing the results that Digital+ was getting for my son-in-law, a mortgage broker, and other business owners I know, I just knew I had to hire them. They built our website then did their local SEO magic.

A year later about 33% of our business comes from our website. What a great ROI! I highly recommend Digital+.

Jim H Drywall Contractor



Digital+ is keeping our phones ringing since 2011

We have used other search engine marketing companies with very poor results. Digital+ has kept our company in the top spots in Google  & keeping our phones ringing. I highly recommend Digital+ as one of the best SEO & marketing agencies for your business.

Steve R General Contractor

Solid ROI!

Alex from Digital+ worked on our Local SEO then a year and a half later built a new website for our Tax Preparation business. He made it possible for us to appear on the front page of Google. We have increased our Cape business each of the last two years.

This year, the growth was the most so far — a 12% increase in Cape income for this most recent tax season — easily making for a great ROI! You cannot go wrong using Alex & Digital+ as your business will increase at the Speed of Light!

Stella C Tax Prep


Our Digital Marketing Services

Local SEO is a very cost effective way of growing the sales and profits of any local business. Our local SEO program succeeds in getting great 1st page of Google exposure when locals are searching for what the business does or sells.
Our national and international SEO services builds quality backlinks to your website.Our program is unique in that you choose how many search phrases you want to target. We do recommend a minimum 3 phrases.
92% of people read 1 to 6 reviews before they decide to visit or contact a business. How are your reviews? Great? OK? Poor? Non-existent? Digital+, LLC can help build and market a 5 star reputation for your business.
Proper, effective social media marketing & management is much more than just posting random stuff. It involves developing a strategy based on your goals — mixing curated info,”personality posts”, and promotional posts.
Kick start your online marketing with our highly targeted unique content service. Google loves unique relevant content and now gives more SEO value to posts longer than 750 words. So let us create relevant & valuable content to attract and retain customers for you.
Kick start your online marketing with our highly targeted unique content service. Google loves unique relevant content and now gives more SEO value to posts longer than 750 words. So let us create relevant & valuable content to attract and retain customers for you.
Internet Marketing Expert in SEO

More Than Just an SEO Company


When I started Digital+ in July of 2011, I wanted to help local businesses grow. My philosophy is that America’s economy will only be strong when the mom & pop businesses are healthy. Local SEO was in it’s infancy and I saw it as a great way for a local small business owner to successfully grow their sales and profits. 5+ years later many of our customers are getting a third of their business from locals that find them on Google and getting ROI’s of well over 350%.

But over those 5+ years not only has SEO changed but optimizing your business online has changed drastically. Now website content, blogging, mobile friendly design, online reputation, and social media are all becoming an integral part of bringing prospects to your website and having them purchase.

So over the years Digital+, LLC has become a digital marketing firm by adding a number of experts & systems into it’s operations to stay current with the trends THAT WORK. So please contact us today to receive your free online optimization analysis video report.

100% White hat SEO method Adhering to Google’s Updated Webmaster Guidelines

We use white hat and result oriented SEO methods to deliver rankings that last. While sweeping algorithm changes are wiping out businesses’ rankings, our ethical and safe practices keep you safe from all such ranking drops.

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